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Men In Literary Fields (M.I.L.F.)

MILF (Men in Literary Fields) Magazine was started by a bunch of high school students who have resorted to anonymity due to their dislike of being censored. Although the magazine started off as a satirical publication, it has grown to accommodate the varied interests of its skilled staffers, including photography, graphic design, illustration, serious thought, and teenage angst. MILF Magazine understands that laughter is something that is often missing from the lives of stressed-out high schoolers; nonetheless, it still tries to be thought-provoking, just in an enjoyable way. Happy Day's $300 loan will help fund the printing of MILF's third issue, which hopefully will help it build a solid fanbase. Their previous issues can be found here: http://issuu.com/milfmagazine

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Erika Simmons

Erika Simmons is a driven entrepreneur who just graduated from Oakland Military Institute in 2011. She's interested in potentially studying sociology at Cal State East Bay, and also plans on developing her start-up, Everyday Beauty, during her college career. Everyday Beauty focuses on making trendy waist beads for all young women (she's even had a wonderful 30-year-old client!) and Happy Day's micro-loan of $100 will help her buy various beads, string, and set up her own website (coming soon!) When Erika isn't hand-beading another waist band, you'll find her listening to some R&B her favorite artist is Beyonce!

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Huong Cheng

Huong Cheng is a college student attending San Jose State University, majoring in animation/illustration. She is the founder of Always Adamo. With an interest in business, she has combined it with her passion for the arts. Huong is currently pursuing her BFA while managing Always Adamo. She aspires to become an animator and run her business. Happy Day's $200 initial micro loan will help Huong to put in orders for shirts from high-quality, socially-conscious t-shirt groups. Check out her site : alwaysadamo.com

Our Projects

What We Do

Currently, Happy Day Microfunds is in the first round of fundraising for loans toward student entrepreneurs, and to raise the necessary $1000 for each student entrepreneur loan, we'll be using a variety of fundraising tactics:

T-Shirts: We're selling t-shirts with the Happy Day Microfunds logo at $10 each, printed on Hanes Tagless T-shirts! The design is shown to the right.

Shirt Logo

Capture the Flag: Holding Capture the Flag games at fields, charging entrants $1 for admission and selling food at the games.

Gumball Challenge: A week's worth of fundraising with simply $27 and 27 gumballs, paying homage to one of the first microloans (of, you guessed it, $27) from Muhammad Yunus to a poor Indian artisan. All money raised from the loan is donated to Happy Day Microfunds (thanks to Gumball Challenge's liberal policies allowing donations toward any MFI of the team's choice, provided Gumball Capital approves of it).

Charity Run: Entry donations of $10 per person, at Lake Elizabeth or Quarry Hills.

Dodgeball Tournament: We held a Dodgeball Tournament and everyone had lots of fun while contributing to encourage social entrepreneurship. Here's a slideshow from the event:


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Charity Run

William Kim

Hi! I’m Will Kim, founder of Happy Day Microfunds and also a very happy runner! I’m racing in the Santa Rosa Half-Marathon on August 28, 2011, and I hope you’ll pledge some monetary support per mile I run. Your donation will finance micro-loans to various under-served high school entrepreneurs in the Bay Area. These loans are interest-free and collateral-free, and entrepreneurs are bound only by their drive for their venture to succeed—we select each entrepreneur through an application/reference process. In addition, following the re-payment of the loan, the money will go into further loans or expansion of Happy Day, especially into our various high school chapters, the upcoming College Campus Initiative, and branching out across the United States. Happy Day is breaking new ground into an exciting prospect of youth microlending; as of yet, there is no organization which has attempted youth microlending and we hope to lead the movement. These loans are desperately needed in helping nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs; many high school students in the US are not receiving the education they need, and furthermore, are not ready for the business world upon graduation. By providing under-served students with a small amount of seed capital, we can take one step toward an ever-brighter future. Many thanks for your support!
Happy Day Microfunds is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and your donation is tax-deductible.