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First off, we, from the crew from Happy Day Microfunds, want to extend to you our warmest welcome to microlending and the Happy Day Microfunds network!

Microfinance is one of those hot and rapidly expanding topics, and is seen as one solution (of a cocktail of many) for poverty, if utilized correctly. By lending small amounts of money to poor entrepreneurs, lenders can ensure the growth of not just one business but of a whole community, due to a trickle-down phenomenon where prosperity of one local business can foster growth in a family as well as the community at large.

Happy Day Microfunds is a youth-led and based initiative which aims to teach students and adults everywhere the power of microfinance coupled with youth activism.

What is Happy Day Microfunds?

Happy Day Microfunds is a high-school student run and led microfinancing institution (MFI), which promotes “social entrepreneurship through action.” This is our first year in work, and we're running a beta program in East Palo Alto, in order to test the viability of high school microlenders and social entrepreneurs.

We'll be offering three different entrepreneurs in the area a $5000 investment in order to generate greater revenue, and then, as we start collecting repayments, we'll start offering local high school students in East Palo Alto $1000 to start their own business start up, but with a hitch: there has to be a social cause which will benefit, thus promoting social entrepreneurship with youth activism.

Happy Day Microfunds aims to integrate the idea of social entrepreneurship in the local community, both to help and promote entrepreneurship.

So, what would a Happy Day Chapter Club entail?

Mainly, spreading the word about Happy Day and microfinance while earning money for a local entrepreneur!


For one, you'll be teaching the student body about microfinance and extending to them an opportunity to participate in the social entrepreneurial “venture” you'll be setting out on by starting this Chapter.


Of course, finances are just as important in social entrepreneurship: raise funds for Happy Day's ventures in various communities.

The best events will combine both these purposes seamlessly!

How to Start

  1. Compile your Crew! Find some friends who are really interested and can devote enough time to the club. Try to keep the mix eclectic: you want as many different perspectives on how to orient the club as you can, seeing that we won't be too strict on making you follow certain guidelines other than the purposes stated above!

  2. Get Officiated! Whatever the process of becoming a club on school campus, make sure you comply with the rules and are officially recognized by the school as a school club and follow whatever directions given in order to start meetings in school legitimately.

  3. Tell us by email! Email clubs@happydaymicrofunds.org to register as a club recognized by your school so we know and can send you appropriate congratulations and materials.

  4. Execute! Now's the time for business! Hold meetings and events to spread the word about the rad new club on campus! Raise money and awareness!

  5. Maintain Communication! After fundraisers, keep us in the loop, along with your members how the fundraisers went and give credit to hardworking members. Make sure to donate the money on the website, www.happydaymicrofunds.org!

Now Go!

Now get started, and don't hesitate to contact admin@happydaymicrofunds.org if you have any questions!


The Happy Day Microfunds Crew


Happy Day Microfunds is currently in search of passionate student entrepreneurs who want to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations but can't due to lack of starter capital. If you think you have the next hot thing or an exciting business model that might just work, fill out the form below and we'll contact you regarding your idea and the development of a project concept, with the rough schedule for the future, how the capital will be spent and how your business will survive and ultimately thrive.